Cabbages & Kings Arts Management

Cabbages & Kings Arts management is an informal collective of creative artists working in music and theatre.

Cabbages & Kings is currently working with:

Amy Kakoura & Andrew Sharpe

The duo provide a distinct brand of folk born of a love of storytelling, topped by Amy's remarkable voice. They are best known on the folk scene as the singer and pianist with the band Steamchicken. Both have been writing and arranging for a new Steamchicken album and some of those songs feature in their set together with both a few classic covers and originals, including this evocative number:

Turn Back John:


Hi energy performance from an eight piece ensemble of virtuosic cacophony spanning folk, ska and blues, a four piece horn section and rock solid rhythm section led by the incredible vocals of Amy Kakoura.

These original band written tracks are rough cuts from their new album 'Look Both Ways' for 2017 release.



Foot Fallin':

The Jam & Crumpet Band

In The Jam and Crumpet Band you'll find the very essence of English Dance music.
Led by Ted Crum (Peeping Tom, Steamchicken, Somerville Gents) they provide super foot-tapping dance music.
Popular with dancers and callers alike, they are regulars on the festival and club scene, having appeared at Stroud, Sidmouth, Towersey, Costa del Folk and Broadstairs festivals and have forthcoming shows at Phoenix and Haddenham.
The tracks below are from a forthcoming EP:

La Fete du Village (Frog's Legs)/Shove the Pigs Foot:

Waltzing Matilda/ Lainey's Legs:

Nanny does the Polka/Poppa D:

Hunt the Squirrel:

Amy Kakoura

Singer, Writer, Actor and Director. After a Greek heritage, classical training, musical theatre degree, and a Jazz 'n' Blues baptism in London, Amy Kakoura is becoming known for the versatile and unique skillset she brings to a variety of different genres.


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